Section NE-3A 1974 Section Conclave

ConclaveBrian Petrowski had asked me to send him scans of several section conclaves from the 1970’s that both of our lodges participated in.  Since I had planned to eventually add scans of NYS Section Conclave issues to the blog; this was the perfect excuse to start.

Below you will find 2 issues from the NE-3A 1974 Section Conclave.  The conclave was hosted by Half Moon Lodge #28 and held at Camp Trimount.  The Pocket Patch is a solid, the Jacket Patch (after the jump) has a twill background.

Section NE-3A 1974 Section Conclave Pocket Patch



Section NE-3B Patch Approved

Chis Meacham provided the following information on Section NE-3B

At it’s latest Council of Chiefs meeting, Section NE-3B has resolved to issue a section patch. Details are still being worked out, but this patch will have the “logo” of the section as well as the section name and the names or numbers of each of the now seven lodges. It will have a pocket loop and may be a “cutout”, rather than a standard square or round patch.