Chappegat Lodge #15 L2?

John Tegtmeier recently pointed out a discrepancy in the Blue Book listings regarding the Chappegat Lodge #15 L2. The scan has been adjusted to better show the detail, the ink color is a fluorescent orange and the leather is more of an off-white, although it may be aging.

Chappegat Lodge #15 L2?

As John rightly points out, Chappegat merged with Hanigus #47 in 1957 to form Mide #15. It would be difficult for Chappegat Lodge to issue a neckerchief slide for the 1958 NOAC the year after it merged.

While it would have been possible for the Lodge to have issued the slide in late 1957 prior to the merger for those members who had signed up for the 1958 NOAC; it is not the most likely scenario.

Both Hanigus and Chappegat were chapters of Mide Lodge and were known to have issued chapter items while part of Mide. Chappegat Chapter eN1958


The most likely explanation is that the slide was issued by Chappegat Chapter of Mide Lodge as was the Chappegat Chapter eN1958. Image used with permission of


My inclination is to move the listing from Chappegat #15 to Mide #15 as a Chapter issue. Does anyone know the true story?