ClothTalk 026 – Easter Egwa

The guys at ClothTalk are back at it again on a variety of topics. Give it a listen.
ClothTalk 026 – Easter Egwa
Egwa Tawa Dee Lodge 129

This week, Ben and Tim chat with special guest, Kenney Barton, the SR-6S Section Vice Chief (and member of Egwa Tawa Dee lodge) about his experience in scouting, the upcoming conclave, and some of the patches that have meant the most to him over the years. Also, learn with us what his vigil name really means, and why he has it.

Also, our good friend John Pannell is back from his spell of March Madness discussing some recent topics from his blog: April Fool’s patches, the OA patch of the future, and Catawba patches that actually aren’t Catawba patches. Also, Brandon drops in to keep us informed of all the upcoming Trade-o-Rees.