Whatsit? – Upstate N.Y. Seminar

question-mark.jpgI recently acquired a patch on out favorite auction site pictured below. As you can see, it is a 3 inch round with a pocket tab. While it has an older look, it does have a FDL and has a plastic film on the back. Although, I would hesitate to call it a full PB issue.

While some folk from NYC think that upstate NY starts just past Central Park, I think this piece is from a bit further north. Possibly it’s from Area 2-G or 2-D.

I don’t know if it old enough to be an Area rather than a Section issue. Of course, it could also be a lodge issue too.

Can anyone identify this patch and provide a bit of background on the event and when it was held.

Whatsit? - Order of the Arrow Upstate N.Y. Seminar