Collecting the Northeast Region Order of the Arrow

Dave Scocca who is a regular commenter to this blog and on Patch-L has a web page which may be of interest to NY and other Region 1 and Region 2 collectors.

Northeast Region 2002 NOAC IssueFor those who collect issues outside of there own lodge or lodge issued memorabilia, the next step up is typically Area and Section Issues. Dave has gone one step past that with a compilation of Order of the Arrow Issues from the Northeast Region. His checklist can be found on his Northeast Region OA Patches.

While it hasn’t been updated to reflect more recent issues (Hint, Hint!), it provides the only checklist I’m aware of which covers Northeast Region Order of the Arrow Patches.

You can also find the link in the right sidebar under Patch Collecting Resources.

His various other checklists can be found by starting from here.