My 500th Blog Post – Who’d Have Thunk It!

CakeI missed celebrating my third Blogiversary earlier this year, but this is now the 500th post since the blog began.

The first post to the blog was back in January of 2004 when it was hosted by Blogger.  I stayed with Blogger for the first 206 posts until March 14, 2006 when I moved the blog to its own domain

This allowed me to significantly change the original template, add categories for easier searching and the ability to print and email posts to name a few.  In just over 13 months, I added another 294 posts (including this one) to the blog.

My original thought was the blog would fill a need, or at least help keep me organized, between editions of the Blue Book.  It would allow me a way to learn about New York OA issues and share that information with other like-minded collectors.

I have added some non-Blue Book issues along the way including Section Conclave issues and more recently Pins, Bolos and Neckerchief slides from New York Lodges. 

Let me know if you have any suggestions on any other improvements that could be made to the blog.

I’m not sure where the next 500 posts will lead or what the path will be, but I intend to enjoy the trip.

The blog has developed a group of core contributors, new and old friends made and met and a trade or three along the way.   For all who have been along for the trip, to those who supplied information and images, words of encouragement, comments (and those trades) ; Thank You.  Without you the readers and contributors I’d be talking to myself (again).