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Kamargo Lodge #294 X1.5 and X2

A while back, Ray Gould had asked for clarifications on several issues relating to Kamargo Lodge #294. I posted on several of these, which you can find by following the links from this page. One I overlooked at the time, was a question regarding the X1.5 and X2.

Kamargo Lodge #294 R2 and X2 on Neckerchief

The X2 has been listed in the Blue Book for some time, it is a cloth arrow sewn to a red neckerchief. They could be removed from the neckerchief and you would have 3 patches; in this case 2 X2’s and an R2. The neckerchief itself, normally has the R2 or R3 sewn to it. The image is an R2 and X2 on the neckerchief.

If you click on the thumbnail, a larger image will open. If you zoom in on the arrow, you can see it is applied to the neckerchief.

Kamargo Lodge #294 R3 and X1.5 on NeckerchiefThe X1.5 is an new addition to Blue Book VI and is described as follows:

294 X1.5 WHT C WHT – – chain stitch arrow worn on NC w/R2

This image is an R3 and X1.5, so the description is inaccurate. It should read on NC w/R2 or R3.

I’m of two minds on this. While the arrows are undeniably different than the X2, they are embroidered on the neckerchief and are not a separate patch and unlike the X2, cannot be removed from the neckerchief.

The question than becomes should it be listed at all or how should it be listed. I think the stronger argument would be to list it as an N1.7. i.e – – RED – – two white chainstiched arrows w/R2 or R3.

It is an embroidered neckerchief that also has a patch sewn on it which would be similar to the 477 Aw Wa Ge N0.5 which is found with and without a flap sewn to it.

Your mileage may vary, and of course, collect what you want and what fits your collection.


Recovering data from patch sites that have disappeared

Glenn Chase maintains the Scout Collectors Base Camp an excellent resource for Patch Collecting Resources on the web. What you may not know, is that he also maintains a blog.

His most recent post has the catchy title “Recovering data from patch sites that have disappeared” My snarkiness aside, it is a great post on how to find data from that website you had bookmarked which now gives the dreaded “The web site address you entered could not be found.”

Every few months I get an email from a visitor advising me that I have a broken link on The Scout Patch Collector’s Base Camp. Sometimes it’s just a polite “heads up” so I can try to track down the new location. Often it’s a plaintive request that I put it back on-line, and I have to explain in my reply that the site wasn’t mine to begin with, I just provided a link to it.

His first method is to utilize the Google cache function. The second is …

Well check out the post and give it a try.


Kittan Lodge First Flap S1

New IssueUpdated: I wanted two add two points to the post:

  1. As Dave Scocca points out in the comments, the Lodge is referring to itself as Lodge #364 on its web-page.
  2. Jonathan Grove asked me to explain the old Lodge Restrictions – Haudenosaunee Lodge #19’s regular issues were unrestricted although they did have some NOAC Delegate issues and an Honor Guard neckerchief that had a very limited issuance. Loon Lodge #364 had the reverse. Some of their anniversaries and NOAC issues were unrestricted, but all of their regular issues were tightly restricted including their one per member Death Flap.

Eric G brings word that Kittan Lodge (the result of the merger between Loon Lodge #364 and Haudenosaunee Lodge #19) has now issued its First Flap. Apparently, they will be following the Haudenosaunee tradition regarding restrictions rather than the Loon traditions.

Apparently, the Lodge totem is the Porcupine. Neither the Lodge “Number” nor Council Number appears on the flap.

Kittan Lodge First Flap S1

Blue Book Stats:
S1 LGR R M/C RED DBL FDL; RED WWW Porcupine climbing Birch tree First Flap 118mm x 58mm


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ClothTalk 025 – Topkis (part 2)

Well the guys at ClothTalk said it themselves; Better Late than never. Apparently the new Daylight Savings time made them lose a few weeks or maybe Ben got lost while skiing. But they are back with an excellent part 3 of their interview with Bill Topkis. In their words:

ClothTalk 025 – Topkis (part 2)

Better late than never

Better late than never right? Sorry for the missed episode last time. Our brains were on spring break and they took our computers with them. But we’re back this week with the second half of our incredible interview with one of Scouting’s most notable collectors and historians: Bill Topkis.

Join us as Bill talks about the golden days of trading at events like the one he attended in Navarro California, as well as some of the best ways to store your collection archivally. Do you know the secret of the oldest known vigil pin? Bill does. But that’s not all, Bill knows a lot more about these OA Totem pins that predated flaps—like the elusive moose and the original gold turkey? Tune in as Bill gives us the scoop.


Western NY traders Association TOR September 14 & 15, 2007



Don Izard brings word of the 26th Annual WNYTA/GNFC TOR.


This is a good regional TOR held each fall in Williamsville, NY just east of Buffalo and with few exceptions, one I have been attending since the early 1990’s.


When: Sept, 14-15, 2007

Time: Fri. 5:00 PM to ?

            Sat. 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Where:  North Forest Church

                300 North Forest Road

                Williamsville, NY 14221

For more info:


Ho De No Sau Nee Lodge #159 40th Anniversary Issue S41 Officers Issue

New IssueMike Hulsizer and Marty Abramson both bring word of two new 40th Anniversary flaps from Ho De No Sau Nee Lodge #159.

Both flaps list the names and numbers of the predecessor lodges Ganosote #159 and Tuscarora #284.

The second is an Officer and Advisors issue. The design is the same, but the border color has been changed to white.

Marty reported that,”The White Border was given to past Lodge Chiefs and Advisors” and Mike advised, “The other will be for current Lodge officers, past Lodge Chiefs, and Lay Advisors to be presented at the Lodge Dinner.”

It is pictured below:

Ho De No Sau Nee Lodge #159 40th Anniversary Issue S41 Officers Issue

Blue Book style stats:
S41 WHT R M/C YEL YEL FDL; RED WWW, 40; YEL 1947 2007 GRN Ganosote 159 and Tuscarora 285 – Officers Issue


[phpbay]Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge, 10[/phpbay]

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Ty-Ohni Lodge Trade-O-Ree April 28, 2007



Jim Chamot advises that Ty-Ohni Lodge will be hosting a TOR in April.  I believe that they have held this one before, but it is not one I have attended myself.

Ty-Ohni Lodge #95 (Otetiana Council, Rochester, NY) will hold its annual Trade-O-Ree on Saturday, April 28, 2007 at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 800 Ridge Road East, Rochester, New York. Tables are currently available.


Saturday April 28, 2007

10:00AM til 3:00PM (Setup 9:00AM)

Tables $12.00    Admission $3.00    Youth $1.00

(Youth in Scout uniform FREE)

St. Johns Lutheran Church

800 Ridge Road East

Rochester, NY 14617

  I couldn’t find a flier on the lodge website yet, but email me or leave a comment if you want contact information.