What are your 2009 Collecting Goals?

We’re nearly halfway through December already. That means 2009 is just around the corner and time for New Year’s resolutions and goal setting.

Forget the diet, forget exercising, what resolutions are you going to make or goals you will try to achieve for your collecting interest in 2009?

Getting organized?

Starting a new collection?

Completing a Collection?

Selling your Collection?

So what are your collecting goals/resolutions for 2009?


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  1. Nice post – struck a chord with me since I’ve recently begun to target a few specific lodges in search of obscure and elusive OA issues that I’d like to scratch off my needs lists.

    I think setting “reasonable” goals is the key. Many of us bitten by the collecting bug are tempted to try and collect everything, but this is not a very realistic goal especially in tougher economic times like these. Thriftiness and belt-tightening, as in the general economy, will be the prudent course in our hobby as well.

    Already, the “bear market” in the patch collecting hobby has been in full steam from several years, with a number of very large collections hitting the market, with supply of many rare items outpacing the demand (or available cash) in the hobby. It’s a great time to buy, however, if you can afford it — the glut of available patches has driven the price down to the point where there are some real bargains out there. I’ve purchased recently for about $2 several 35+ year old flaps from merged lodges than routinely sold for $20-25 even 10 or more years ago, and also found for just over $1k a rare “WAB” felt that I’d seen sell for over $4k some 8-10 years ago (and had until recently never seen another for sale since).

    So one of my goals for 2009 would definitely be to watch for bargains on older, rarer pieces that are seldom seen, and to lay off of many of the newer “contrived” rarities being pumped out by so many lodges and councils.

    But also refocus on my area of interest – OA lodge issues (in my case, from Region 1 / New England exclusively), and perhaps “thin out” some of my side collections that don’t really interest me as much (CSPs, RWS, camps, etc). A little belt-tightening as it were, in keeping with the times.

  2. Dan says:

    Since I will be overseas the majority of 2009 and unable to focus on my collection, my only real collecting goal is to not fall too far behind!

    This past year I narrowed down my collection a lot. Now, my primary focus is only on Glacier’s Edge Council CSPs, Four Lakes Council CSPs, Ed Bryant Scout Reservation, and Camp Castle Rock. Secondary I pick up patches I like, Camp Indian Trails, Sinnissippi Council CSPs, and any Wisconsin CSPs.

    I’ve arranged with a few individuals to pick up any GEC CSPs that come out while I am in Iraq, though I know of a couple that may be harder to get due to restrictions. Hopefully they are still around for me to acquire upon my return. During my last deployment Tichora Lodge merged and I missed out on a couple of the initial issue Takoda Lodge flaps – still not too happy about that one!

    I also hope to focus on CSP Corner again. The original folks I was working with didn’t realize the size and scope of the project and backed away. I will either have a lot of spare time to work on it or very little this next year, only time will tell.

  3. Dick Krzyiewski says:

    Looking for a 186 Lodge Wakanda, Steuben Area Council, N1 or N2 Neckerchief, Silk Screen on Red/Oange material. I have MUCH to trade!!!
    It would make my Christmas wish come true!!!
    Email me if U can help!!!
    “And to All A Good Night”

    YFIS and Collecting!
    Dick K

  4. nyoatrader says:

    Thanks for the comment. I have to give my goals some more thought. But your right, probably not the time to be adding collections. Time for bargain hunting and concentrating on the core sounds right to me.

  5. Matthew Crance says:

    Buy patches/neckers (or at least get an scan) of the 1999 5-B section Conclave and the 1963 Area II-E Conclave. Only two years I am missing images of when 417 was in attendance. Very simple goal. 🙂

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