Section NE-2C 1986 Conclave

conclaveThe 1986 Section NE-2C Conclave was hosted by Ty-Ohni Lodge #95 and held at Camp Cutler.  There was the typical pocket patch:

Section NE-2C 1986 Pocket Patch

Section NE-2C 1986 Pocket Patch

and a neckerchief:



Shared Items From Around The Web – December 23, 2008



ChecklistHarold Daw has created series of Catalogs for foreign badges by Scouting groups around the world. These PDF files are not for the faint of heart (or dial-up connection), the smallest is 1MB for Kazakhstan and currently the largest is 47MB for Alberta, Canada. If you collect foreign badges, this is a must see resource.


Harold’s reasons for creating these files rather than another format

I have been asked why not produce this as a hardcover book? The answer is quite simple, I feel it is not environmentally friendly any longer to produce these as books and second it is much easier to spread them around as files over the Internet. Feel free to spread this file around. It is totally free and available to anyone who would like a copy. This being said, there is nothing stopping the owner from printing out the file for their own use. It has been formatted to print out two sided with the proper margins at the center for binding.


When a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of, he always declares that it is his duty.
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