Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 Eagle Scout Flap F2

George Jennings sends along word about a new flap issue from Nacha Nimat Lodge #86. They had recently run out of their S9.5 Eagle Scout Recognition Flap, and reordered. This time it is a twill flap.

Nacha Nimat EAgle Scout Flap F2 TLS

Nacha Nimat EAgle Scout Flap F2 TLS

Blue Book style stats:
F2 GMY R M/C YEL – BLK Arrowman Eagle Scout RED 86 Design of S9.5 TLS

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The Old Ones Return

If you find the Garmin commercials annoying, beware the return of the Old Ones.

H P Lovecraft if you miss the reference.


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