NCLS and ArrowCorps5 Pages on OA Images

For the last several NOAC’s and US Jamboree’s I have created checklists for the NY state OA lodges who issued items for these events which you can find in the sidebar.  I did not do this for the NLCS or ArrowCorps5 since only one NY Lodge issued an item for each of those events.  John Pannell posted links to several new pages on his blog, which include all items issued for these events.  If your collecting interests cover either of these events, take a look at his lists.

I recently added some new pages to OAImages that some visitors to this site may not have noticed yet.  Each covers lodge issues for recent and upcoming national events


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Shared Items From Around The Web – December 6, 2008


Free Excel Calendar Template

For those of you who use Excel, here is a free template for creating calendars good from 2009 to 9999!

Free excel calendar template for year 2009 (well, it works for any year all the way up to 9999)

Go ahead and download it, change the year number in the first sheet to 1981 or something and see the magic.

More importantly, the workbook is unlocked so you can see what formulas are being used. There is a worksheet named “mini” which calculates the calendar dates and weekdays for the year specified by you. Once that is done, I have used references to create a 12 month view in the first sheet.

From: Pointy Haired Dilbert