Whatsit – Adirondack Lodge #357 Neckerchief ZN1 or YN1 or N?

Just over a year ago, I wrote about a handmade Adirondack Lodge #357 neckerchief, Ray Gould had done some research on that one, and it is most likely a private issue.  Neale Cummings has also sent a scan of yet another handmade neckerchief from Adirondack Lodge #357 he recently acquired from eBay.

Adirondack Lodge Neckerchief YN1 or ZN1?

Adirondack Lodge Neckerchief YN1 or ZN1?

It is in pretty rough shape, but seems to be a hand-painted neckerchief on unbound green cloth inspired by the 357 P1.

Ray Gould, went back into his Adirondack Lodge sources and reported the following:

I’ve spoke with a former lodge chief from that same time period (circa 1958…same time frame as the rest of the items offered by same seller).  The former chief was an avid collector and managed to collect everything issued since the lodge’s inception.  He has no recollection of ever seeing this item and has never seen another like it (however, he is not familiar with the original owner…Alexander XXXX).  It appears entirely handmade and I believe is one-of-a-kind.  I propose it list as a “Y” issue unless further is learned or another appears (much like the other “Y” issue which was sold spring/summer 2008.
The ‘other Y‘ Ray refers to is the one in my earlier post from Nov. 2007.
Can anyone supply more information or add to our current knowledge?
So what say you to these issues Y or Z? The Blue Book describes them as follows:
Y = A broad category of patches and neckerchiefs that for one reason or another do not fit into the main listing. All known prototypes and samples are in this category. Also, patches that cannot be positively confirmed are placed in this category pending future documentation. There are certain patches that are either camp patches, defective patches or other patches that have appeared in previous listings but should not really be part of this catalog. These are also given the “Y” designation so that when collectors unfamiliar with their story chance upon them, they will be able to make an identification.

Z = Fake. Fraudulent, bogus, unauthorized, spoof and other privately issued insignia.


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