Area 2-E 1968 Conclave

Matt Crance sends along a pair of images and some information regarding the 1968 Area 2-E conclave.

This conclave was hosted by Ganeodiyo #417 but due to limited camping space and dining facilities at that time at Camp Babcock Hovey it was decided to move the conclave to a nearby college campus called Horbart which is a smaller part of Horbart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva NY.

There were two issues, a pocket patch:

Area 2-E 1968 Pocket Patch

Area 2-E 1968 Pocket Patch

and a neckerchief after the jump:


Shared Items From Around The Web – December 12, 2008


What are your 2009 Collecting Goals?

We’re nearly halfway through December already. That means 2009 is just around the corner and time for New Year’s resolutions and goal setting.

Forget the diet, forget exercising, what resolutions are you going to make or goals you will try to achieve for your collecting interest in 2009?

Getting organized?

Starting a new collection?

Completing a Collection?

Selling your Collection?

So what are your collecting goals/resolutions for 2009?


What’s another word for Thesaurus?
Steven Wright
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7 Ways to Make Extra Hobby Cash

US News and World Reports, which is now an on-line magazine has an article on Seven ways to make holiday cash.  Of course, what we need is hobby cash, but I think you’ll get the idea.

  • Cash in at cash-back shopping sites.
  • Sell back your old books.
  • Get rid of your dated gadgets.
  • Cash in your coins.
  • Sell back your gift cards.
  • Hold a garage sale.
  • Sell your stuff on eBay.
  • Check out the article for more tips on how to implement these strategies.


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