Section NE-3A $100 Club Flap

Matt Crance sends along some images of two Section NE-3A $100 Club flaps. Apparently for the last couple of years, Section NE-3A has issued a flap to those who spent $100 or more in the Section Auction. If you spent $200, you got 2, for $300 three, etc. This was to help encourage more participation and bidding in the auction.

The black dark blue bordered flap was originally issued in 2007 (updated 6-30-08 Thanks Matt).

In 2008, there was a green bordered, version issued; but if you spent enough to get 2, you could still get the black border.

There was a third flap made, with a yellow border, which was to be issued in 2009. Since 2008 was the last NE-3A Conclave, They were available if you spent enough in the 2008 auction.

Matt also provided the following information:

They had several people bid to cut peoples hair well over $300 so they got all three this year. I spent $200 this year so I got this years and then was offered a choice of the other 2 years. They still have more than 75% of the patches and they were going to be split between the two new sections for next years auction, if they will be used or not who knows.
So maybe more of these will surface. Anyone have a scan of the yellow border?

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  1. Matthew Crance says:

    I will send along better images once I get new scanner. It is my mistake (and the quality of the image) but I believe the one labeled as “black border” is actually a “blue border”. The Blue border one was still the one issued for 2007.

    The email I got was just labeled the green one as 2008 and I already new the yellow one was 2009 so I didn’t even check on the color till I looked at my collection tonight. Again sorry about the images.

  2. Chris Carlson says:

    Just picked up the full set (to the best of my knowledge) there were 5 different color flaps for the 100$ + club. The color boarders included blue, green, yellow, red, and silver. I actually earned the blue one during the patch auction years ago, but I could not say which years they we issuing them.

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