Area 2-G 1960 Conclave Neckerchief

Neale Cummings provides an image from the 1960 Area 2-G Conclave. I had earlier posted an image of the pocket patch. Neal provides an image of the neckerchief.

We now have images of the pocket patch and the neckerchief. Is anyone aware of any other issues for this conclave?


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ArrowCorps5 – New York State Issues

The first ArrowCorps5 session begins today in Mark Twain National Forest, Missouri. I am looking for information on any New York OA Lodges which are issuing patches for this event. To date I am only aware of a single issue from Nacha Nimat Lodge #86. I hope to have a scan on this one in the next few days.

Like I’ve done for the previous NOAC’s and Jamboree’s, I plan to create a separate checklist for NYA OA issues for this event (unless of course it is like there are insufficient NYS issues like for Indian Summer) .

Any others out there?


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