Find the Cheapest Way to Ship that Package

For those of us who sell on eBay, or otherwise send out oversized envelopes or other packages regularly know the hassles that can be involved in shipping you items.  What service to use, is first class more or less expensive than priority? Maybe I should use UPS?

Well now there is a web-based service called ShipTool that allows you to input the ship from and ship to addresses, the size and weight of the items and several other options and will calculate the cost of various shipping methods and display them on a single screen.

Check it out.

Hat Tip: Lifehacker


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13th Area 2-D Conclave 1963 Issues

Tom Wadnola provides a scan of the round patch issued for the 1963 Area 2-A Conclave. The neckerchief is from my collection, but I need the patch. As indicated on both the patch and the neckerchief, the conclave was held at Woodworth Lake. That would make the host lodge, Thay-En-Da-Ne-Gea #418.

and the neckerchief:

Is anyone aware of any other items issued for this conclave?

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