Update – Section NE-3B Allohakasin University Patches

Here is a an update to my update on Section NE-3B Allohakasin University Patches. Chris Meacham has provided the following information and scans.

Here is a list of the NE-3B “Allohakasin University” patches that I am currently aware of:

White – ‘Associate Degree’
Red – ‘Bachelor’s Degree’
Dark Blue – ‘Master’s Degree’
Yellow – ‘Doctorate’
Silver Mylar – ‘Professor’ (Training staff)

My previous post, pictured the Associate Degree and Professor patches. Chris provides the images for two more.



Spotcrime – Know Your Neighborhood

The other day, John Pannell pointed out a site he used to plan his Bike ride. He also mentioned that the site could be used for other purposes including trips to TOR’s and other events. I ran across one which could help you decide if it is safe to leave your collection in your car, while at that TOR.

SpotCrime is a mashup of recent criminal activity onto Google Maps, which allows users to stay away from seedier parts of towns. This would likely be a good tool if your considering a move to an unfamiliar area or vacation stay in a unfamiliar city. Hoy all areas are available now. In New York state only Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers and NYC are currently available.


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