Articles from May 2008

New York OA Collector Website

NY OA Trader Subscriber and fellow NY OA Collector Bill Griesmyer sends along word of his recently established website.

I’ve finally re-established a website. I had one at Infoblvd for a few years, but I lost it when we moved and changed ISPs. The result was is that I didn’t have a web host for several years. I have a freebie now with Microsoft Live. I have to re-create all of the web pages. If you don’t mind, could you include me with your NYS collectors? The main collection page is at:

My NYS flaps are at:

Bill concentrates on Lodge 34 in its various incarnations. Stop by and check it out.


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Knowledge is Power – Region 7 Canoe Base


Buckskin Lodge #412 Neckerchief? Is It or Isn’t It


Suanhacky Lodge #49 Executive Board Flap S59

John Mulvey sends along word of a new issue from Suanhacky Lodge.

Suanhacky Lodge # 49 Queens Council recently released the attached patch as a gift to each member of the lodge executive board. There were 50 patches made and each is #ed out of 50 on the back along with the inscription “Thanks!” and the initials of the lodge chief.

The Blue Book Stats for this one should be:
S59 KHA R LGR KHA KHA FDL; KHA In Waldo We Trust, Executive Board


Wakpominee #48 L1 – Is It or Isn’t It?


Tom Bain – Northeast Region OA Chairman

While the Northeast Region OA Website has not been updated, I have been told that Tom Bain the current Section NE-2C Advisor and former Man-A-Hattin Lodge #82 Advisor has been appointed the Northeast Region OA Chairman replacing Randy Kline.

Congratulations to Tom and best of luck in his new position.


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Area 2-G 1957 Conclave Patch and Neckerchief

Tom Wadnola again provides us with images of 2 issues, a patch and a neckerchief issued for the 1957 Area 2-G Conclave.  Typical of the time, they are simple designs and do not indicate the host lodge or camp where it was held.

and the neckerchief:

Can anyone provide any further information on this event?

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