Section NE-3B Allohakasin Patches Regular and Staff

Back on March 1, 2007 I blogged on Allohakasin University Patches used by Section NE-3B.  I had acquired a patch that may have been from NE-3B, now I do not believe that the green and gold patch is from NE-3B, although I do have some updated information.

The purpose of the 2003 NE-3B Conclave report describes Allohakasin Patches and program as follows:

This year at conclave, we implemented a new training program. Allohakasin University was created by our Council of Chiefs to add a new twist to the traditional conclave training. We created five colleges to “major” in; by attending two of three sessions from a chosen college and one session from any college you could a degree. A General Studies degree could also be obtained by attending any three training sessions, no matter what college they were from. On Sunday morning, participants were presented with a diploma and patch if they met the requirements.