Hardest New York OA – Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Part 1

None of the regular issues from Shu Shu Gah are extremely difficult to obtain.  Tracking down a complete collection of flaps is certainly achievable.

Amongst the more modern issues, the toughest is the delegate issue from the 1992 NOAC, the S20.  Since 1990, Shu Shu Gah Lodge has issued a delegate patch to those who attended NOAC as  part of the lodge contingent or on staff.   Typically 3 delegate flaps or sets where given to each person.

In 1992,  the patches were ordered prior to the total number of delegates being finalized.  A slighter larger than anticpated contingent meant there were only 2 patches available per delegate.  My undertanding is that only 50 were ordered.  The number was reduced when the lodge advisors car was broken into and his luggage stolen on the night before he was leaving for NOAC.  This resulted in 8-10 patches being lost (as he had the delegate patches for himself and several staff members he was meeting at NOAC).

Those shorted on the flap had to trade for them from within the contingent, leaving only around 40 in existance for a 25 person contingent.


The S20 Delegate flap differs from the regular NOAC Flap (S19) only in the black arrow.  The regular S19 has a red arrow.  Care should be taken in trading for this patch, as some examples have surface where the red arrow has been colored black with a marker or dye.


It was beautiful and simple, as truly great swindles are.
O. Henry
US short story author (1862 – 1910)

Kid Rock Helps a Scout Troop in Need

kid bawitdaba0048Rocker and Country Star Kid Rock helps out a group of Scouts. He gets the headline, but is not the only one to help.

Rock, a singer with a sometimes raunchy reputation, was among many readers who donated cash or gear to an Oviedo Boy Scout troop that last week had been robbed of its trailer and camping equipment.

Robert “Kid Rock” Ritchie, 37, learned of Troop 631’s plight from a column Saturday in the Orlando Sentinel. He was in Orlando and Tampa during the weekend for concerts.

Troop leaders discovered last week that someone had taken a $5,600 trailer parked behind Tuskawilla Presbyterian Church. The troop had bought the trailer in March after seven years of fundraising.

He is not the only one though.

Shoppes of Oviedo and Real Property Specialists donated $4,000 to replace the stolen gear.

Others chipped in with smaller donations and offers to lend or donate used tents and trailers to help the cause, said Tom Daly, the church’s liaison to the troop.

“Nothing short of miraculous,” Daly, 53, said of the response. “People’s hearts were in the right place. The boys won’t be denied their trip.”

Nor do the Scouts want a handout for themselves.

Still, Scouts aren’t keen on handouts. Already the troop is hatching community-service projects to rake leaves and spread mulch as a way to repay strangers’ kindness.

“A Scout earns his way,” said Bill Stott, 43, Troop 631 Scoutmaster. “The community is giving to us, so we want to give back to the community.”

The outpouring was so strong that donations likely will exceed the troop’s need, so the Scouts intend to share the wealth.

“Our just deserts are what we’ll replace, and then we’ll make a donation to a worthy cause,” Stott said.

Creative Commons License photo credit: jvh33