Articles from June 2008

Area 2-H 1958 Conclave Slide

Here is a leather neckerchief slide from the 1958 Area 2-H Conclave.  According to the OA Conclave Handbook by Dingwerth and Jensen, this is the only issue for that conclave.  Can anyone confirm if this was the only issue?

Not sure who was the host lodge or where it was held.   The image is of a bear hide rug, which would seem to indicate that the host lodge may have been Wakanda Lodge #186 who had a bear as the lodge totem.  This however is just speculation on my part.


Section NE-3A $100 Club Flap

Matt Crance sends along some images of two Section NE-3A $100 Club flaps. Apparently for the last couple of years, Section NE-3A has issued a flap to those who spent $100 or more in the Section Auction. If you spent $200, you got 2, for $300 three, etc. This was to help encourage more participation and bidding in the auction.

The black dark blue bordered flap was originally issued in 2007 (updated 6-30-08 Thanks Matt).



Area 2-A 1962 Conclave

To the best of my knowledge, there were two items issued for the 1962 Area 2-A Conclave. There is no mention on the patch or neckerchief indicating the host lodge or the location of the event. First is the pocket patch;

and a neckerchief with the same design.

Thanks to Tom Wadnola for the picture of the neckerchief.


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Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 13th Annual TOR – November 22, 2008

Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 Thirteenth Annual TOR

Shu Shu Gah Lodge #24 will be hosting its 13th Annual Trade-O-Ree this November 22, 2008 at Camp Alpine.    We have sold out our tables for the last three years, due to new space constraints in Orbach Arena from the climbing wall, we will be limiting table sales to 40 in 2008.  This is 5 less tables than in previous years few years.

Here are the particulars.

Where: Gary Laermer Pavilion at Orbach Arena, Camp Alpine, Alpine, NJ

When: Saturday November 22, 2008

Time: 9:00AM to 3:00PM (dealer setup begins at 8:30AM)

Admission: Free to All – A unique day trip for your troop or pack

Tables: $20.00 for the first table, $15 for each additional table. All tables $25.00 after October 15, 2008

Table Reservations on a first come first served basis.

Location: Gary Laermer Activity Center at Orbach Arena, Alpine Scout Camp – Alpine, NJ (exit 3 on the Palisades Parkway).

Hope to see you there.  For a flyer, see the TOR link in the top menu bar.


Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge#159 Portage Chapter L1

A neckerchief slide recently surfaced on eBay, a previously uncatalogued issue from Portage Chapter of Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge #159. Marty Abrarmson confirmed the following

They were hand made for the Chapter. There was a guy who was a real leather worker. He did loads of things for the Dist, and Chapter and WB stuff. So it was a hand made item… I think everyone in the Chapter got one. I have a few of these they are all “Mostly alike”

Blue Book style stats for this one:
L1 – – TAN – – Lodge and Chapter name stamped on leather slide BRN OA, Arrow left HMVE


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Manatoanna Lodge #461 S1 Variation?

Neale Cummings sends along a pair of images from Manatoanna Lodge #461, both meeting the description of the S1 but with a noticeable size difference.  While they both appear to be mint, he asks if this is an unlisted S1a and S1b variation or something else.

He also sends along images of the reverse:



First NE-2A Conclave Issues 1973

Neale Cummings sends along a series of images from the first NE-2A Conclave. After the Region realignment from 12 Regions to 6 and the OA realignment from Areas to Sections, this was the first Section Conclave for Section NE-2A.

First up is the pocket patch:

Next up is the neckierchief: