Manatoanna Lodge #461 S1 Variation?

Neale Cummings sends along a pair of images from Manatoanna Lodge #461, both meeting the description of the S1 but with a noticeable size difference.  While they both appear to be mint, he asks if this is an unlisted S1a and S1b variation or something else.

He also sends along images of the reverse:

and again on top of one another:

What are the lengths of the mint 461 S1 in your collection?

If these are just the extremes and there are several e.g 115mm. 117mm, 118mm, 120mm I would be inclined to just add MVE to the description.

If there are two variations e.g 115mm and 120mm I would be inclined to make a and b variety.

Check your collections and confirm the length of your S1.


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do you have



  1. John Pannell says:

    I know nothing you don’t but that top (smaller) flap is setting off some sort of warning alert with me. Something is not feeling quite right about it.

    The larger flap — the one we know — looks like a classic LB issue. The smaller flap clearly isn’t.

    You might want to ask Neale where and when he got it, and what else he might know about its provenance. It could well be completely legitimate, but something isn’t feeling quite right to me.

  2. nyoatrader says:

    Neale said it appeared mint.

    I suspect it may have been washed and subsequently dry cleaned/starched/pressed.

    Not as someone trying to create an issue, but upgrading an otherwise used flap to better condition.

    The borders on the smaller flap don’t seem ‘crisp’ at least in the image.

    I was wondering if others have a true mint sample of the ‘smaller’ flap.

  3. Ray Gould says:

    Hi Bill-
    I believe your opinion is correct. If you look at the top border on the reverse of the smaller example, you can see the “pull marks” from where the flap was carefully sewn at one time.
    My best-

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