Suanhacky Lodge #49 S59 and Gila Lodge Related or Not?

After posting last week on the new Executive Board Flap from Suanhacky Lodge #49; John Pannell sent along an image of a similar looking issue from Gila Lodge #378 (the S35).

The Suanhacky Lodge #49 you may remember, looked like:

John wondered if:

Did 378’s issue inspire 49’s?

I sent out an email and found out that the current Lodge Chief, John Mulvey came up with the concept for the flap. John M replied:

The design was completely independent of any other flap that might have been issued by any other lodge. I had never seen the other patch in question and the final design was the product of my original idea and the work of a Stadri artist.

The genesis of the patch actually uses the Stag design from a previous issue (S25) sent to the artist to demonstrate a “cartoon stag”.

The “cartoon stag,” Waldo dates back to the S25 which was issued for the 1998 NAOC.

It might be interesting to find out if the Gila issue was also designed or executed by Stadri; but the dollar bill motif could certainly have been developed independently.

So the verdict: Not Related


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