Update Northeast Region Section Realignment

Forget the formatting, but here is a breakdown of Area 7 which will have 2 Sections. Section NE-7A with 3 GNYC Lodges and 3 NJ Lodges. And Section NE-7B which will have the 2 remaining GNYC Lodges with the rest of Long Island and 3 ‘upstate’ NYS Lodges.

2008 Section Council Name Council # Lodge Name Previous Section Cncl City
Area 7
Section 7A
Northern New Jersey 333 Lenapehoking IX NE-2B Oakland
Central New Jersey 352 Sakuwit NE-2B Princeton
Patriot’s Path 358 Woalpalanne NE-2B Mountainside
GNYC – Brooklyn 642 Shu-Shu-Gah NE-2C NY – Brooklyn
GNYC – Manhattan 643 Man-a-Hattin NE-2C NY – Manhattan
GNYC – Staten Island 645 Aquehongian NE-2C NY – Staten Island
6 Section Lodges

Section 7B
Hudson Valley 374 Nacha Nimat NE-2C Salisbury Mills
Theodore Roosevelt 386 Buckskin NE-2B Massapequa
Westchester-Putnam 388 Ktemaque NE-2C Hawthorne
Suffolk County 404 Shinnecock NE-2B Medford
Rip Van Winkle 405 Half Moon NE-3B Kingston
GNYC – Bronx 641 Ranachqua NE-2C NY – Bronx
GNYC – Queens 644 Suanhacky NE-2C NY – Queens

7 Section Lodges

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Northeast Region OA Realignment – Breakup GNYC?

Grand Canyon South RimA couple on months back, I posted on the 2008 Realignment of the Northeast Region of the BSA and its likely effects on the various OA Sections in New York. This was based on the original post on John Pannells site.

I have just received what is reportedly the composition of the OA Sections (from 2 different sources) which I will post on later tonight or tomorrow, once I have had a chance to absorb the information.

The first thing is that the 5 GNYC Lodges which have always been if the same section or area since Area C in the 1940’s are now being split up. The world is rent, the center cannot hold!

It was reported that NE7 would include:

  • 360 Shinnecock
  • 412 Buckskin
  • 4 Ranachqua
  • 15 Ktemaque
  • 24 Shu-Shu-Gah
  • 49 Suanhacky
  • 82 Man-A-Hattin
  • 86 Nacha Nimat
  • 112 Aquehongian
  • 28 Half Moon
  • 2 Sakuwit
  • 9 Lenapehoking
  • 43 Woapalanne
  • It seems that there will be these lodges will be split into 2 Sections NE-7A and NE-7B. Shu Shu Gah #24, Man-a-Hattin Lodge #82 and Aquehongian Lodge #112 will be in the half of the Section with the NJ Lodges. Ranachqua #4 and Suanhacky #49 will be with the upstate NY Lodges (and Long Island).

    More details to follow.

    Creative Commons License photo credit: BNSFinSeattle

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