Area 2-G 1957 Conclave Patch and Neckerchief

Tom Wadnola again provides us with images of 2 issues, a patch and a neckerchief issued for the 1957 Area 2-G Conclave.  Typical of the time, they are simple designs and do not indicate the host lodge or camp where it was held.

and the neckerchief:

Can anyone provide any further information on this event?

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  1. Neale Cummings says:

    The 1957 info is:Area Conclave Host Lodge was Lodge 461 MANATOANNA held at Camp Vigor of the woods, Parishville NY Lodges attending were 34, 172, 247, 294, 357, 394, 410, 461, 465, 477, 500, 506 Only a Neckerchief & Patch was made as far as I know. The Aea Chief was Phillip Hickok.I do need the neckerchief for the 1957 set.Neale

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