Hardest NY OA – Ranachqua Lodge #4 Chenille and Arrowheads

Haven’t followed up on this theme for a while, but I will be going through the GNYC Lodges one at a time and posting on the toughest pieces (or lack of them) from each lodge.

First up is Ranachqua Lodge #4, from The Bronx.

The single toughest (and most expensive) piece from this lodge is the first Chenille (C1).  Reportedly there were only 2 of these chenille made, both for Chief William Stumpp, the first chief of Ranachqua Lodge.  Only one is known to exist today and has sold for approximately $25,000.  I believe that this may be the highest priced OA item ever sold, or was at the time of the sale.

The early arrowheads from this lodge are also seldom seen with only a handful known to exist. 

The A0.5 is uses the design of early Camp Ranachqua patches and superimposes a red arrow over the design.

The A0.6 varieites and A0.7 are very similar, both featyre a green felt R on black felt with the red arrow.  Gene Berman has argued that they should represented by a single listing with the designation HMVE (Hand Made Variations Exist).  The A0.6 is pictured below.


All Images by permission of OA Images.

Aside from these issues, some of the neckerchiefs are difficult to find, particularly the N2 and N8.  If anyone has one of these, I’d be interested in a trade or at least a good scan/picture. 

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