Adirondack Lodge #357 Neckerchief? or Private Issue?

Question Mark?Roy More of TSPA recently had an unlisted handmade Adirondack Lodge #357 neckerchief available on eBay. It was described as hand painted with a red silk ribbon border. The design was reminiscent of the X1-3 patches from the lodge.

I traded emails with Ray Gould on the issue since it is his old area (2-G).

I did want you to know that I’ve been in contact with the 1959 #357 Lodge Chief (Doug Cxxxxxxx) who recalls a Scout(er) likely from Watertown, NY area who made this neckerchief as a one-of-a-kind item for personal wear. I will forward his email to you but he is certain it was not a lodge issue (confirmed by many locals). He is also certain it was not a hand-made prototype preceding creation of the #357 N-01. However, some of the similarities are striking and I would not rule out that the neckerchief served as inspiration for the N-01.

Adirondack Lodge #357 Neckerchief? or Private Issue?


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