We Will Never Forget

WTC 09-11

Hat Tip to to Cap’n Bob (http://capnbob.us)



  1. John says:

    At least some of us will never forget. At one of my friends think this was an inside job and even posted a link on his blog to some silly video.

    Being a former NYer, stuff like that makes me mad. My brother was working in Manhattan on that day and had stories to tell us. Luckily he was not near Ground Zero.

    Don’t ever forget.

  2. nyoatrader says:


    I work(ed) on Wall Street (literally) for a bank.

    I remember the initial reports and trying to find out more information, I remember seeing people walk on the FDR highway as they were being evacuated from the World Financial Center area. I remember the dust clouds as they rolled down Wall Street towards our building…twice. I remember moving people away from the windows and lowering shades and curtains since we didn’t know what debris would be in the air and how far it would carry. I remember people covered with concrete dust walking, some walking just anywhere. I remember the long walk home late that morning since the subways were shut down. I remember the the rain of dust that covered everything. I remember the hole in the sky and the dark smoke rising. I remember working in our contingency site since we weren’t allowed back in our building. I remember the smell which lingered over the downtown area for weeks even after we got back to Wall Street. I remember missing friends and classmates.

    I will not forget.

  3. John says:

    And if our mutual acquaintance is to be believed this was all the work of Bush because he wanted to start a war in Iraq;

    … and LBJ was in a plot to kill JFK;

    … and we never went to the Moon.

    I have no patience for that!

  4. John says:

    My brother told me stories of going to the Port Washington LIRR station early the next morning. He was taking the early train in to his job in midtown Manhattan.

    The newspaper salesman was there before him and they were both observing the large number of cars parked there. It was far too early for there to be so many. It quickly hit him what that meant. A lot of folks would never be coming home to Port Washington again.

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