Onteroraus Lodge checklist updates

ChecklistDon Tuttle who maintains the Onteroraus Lodge checklist at his website, Scoutgraphics Ink USA is looking for some images.

Since returning from the WSJ, I’ve had a little time to add a couple new conclave neckerchiefs to the Onteroraus checklist. They include:

1984 NE-2D SECTION CONCLAVE, Camp Tuscarora neckerchief
1985 “WE WHO LOVE THE WOODS AND CAMPING” 2-D neckerchief

The ’85 neckerchief includes a standing bear in the design which I assume represents Wakanda Lodge (Stuben Area Council, Bath, NY), lodge hosts for the conclave that year.

I have not seen any patches associated with these neckers but assume they exist. If any NY OA collectors can provide a scan of these, I would be glad to add them to my website at http://www.scoutgraphicsink.com. Click on Lodge Flaps and Other Memorabilia.

Can anyone help him out with some scans?

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