Suanhacky Lodge #49 Update F5 – Tower of Friendship

UpdateMitch Schwadron sent John Pannell an email regarding an update to one of the descriptions in the Blue Book for the Suanhacky Lodge #49 F5 Flap. The Blue Book describes the issue as containing a Lighthouse. This is incorrect. The Tower behind the leaping stag is the Tower of Friendship.

Suanhacky Lodge #49 F5 Flap - Tower of Friendship

Mitch adds

…the Tower of Friendship, located in from of the (Suanhacky) Lodge House, on Crystal Lake, on the grounds of Camp Mann/Lakeside in Ten Mile River Scout Camps.

The Tower of Friendship has stones from every state, some foreign countries, and US possessions. Under the statue there is a space for an oil lamp, to guide canoers to the slate stairs that go to the lake. But it is not a light house.

The History of Suanhacky Lodge states:

One of the most lasting projects that Suanhacky lodge completed over the years was the construction of the Tower of Friendship. The lodge members built this and rocks from all of the states were sent to build the tower, showing the friendship that is made through scouting.


This area is now near Camp Kernochan and the site of “The Village.” I’ve noted the correction in the description for the next Blue Book.

As a matter of fact, the first 4 Suanhacky Jacket Patches (J1-4) also picture the Tower of Friendship.