Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 Event Patch eR2004?

Discovery George Jennings bring word of a new discovery from Nacha Nimat Lodge #86. It is an event patch from a Klondike Derby which was run for the two districts which make up Nooteeming Chapter.

George has done some research, and it does not seem to be in dispute that it is an OA issue, I am still unclear whether this should be a Lodge event issue or a chapter event issue.

Nacha Nimat Lodge #86 Event Patch eR2004

Here is what we know so far.

An event took place at Camp Nooteeming in 2004. The Dutchess County scouts were involved. On the emblem are the letters www , bsa, oa ,and NN86, which to me represent lodge 86 Nacha Nimat . The beaver on the emblem probably represents Nooteeming ( camp? ) (lodge?) and the other two figures probably represent Chief Ninham {District} and what ever Tri Valley {District} had as a mascot. ( do not know).

George received two responses:

If not mistaken that Klondike was a combined effort of both districts. It was run by Nacha Nimat Lodge. The penguin in the corner probably represented the Klondike.

Chris Mxxxx


Ryan Lxxxx and I ran that event through the lodge. Every participant got that patch. Why the beaver and not the black bear is a mystery. Maybe Ryan remembers, but needless to say it’s wrong. Yours in the Wimachtendik,Wayne MXXXXX

I’m currently leaning towards a lodge event patch, but could be persuaded it was a chapter issue.

So tentatively:
eR2004 BLK R BLU BRN RED 2004 FDL; BRN Nimham TriValley Klondike Derby

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