Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge #159 Ellicott Chapter R1 Discovery

Discovery Last weekend a the Western New York Trade-O-Ree three new discoveries surfaced. Two were chapter issues from Ellicott Chapter from Ho-De-No-Sau-Nee Lodge that were previously uncatalogued. Here is the first one. It was sewn on a blanket which was part of the lodge auction and contained approximately 175 patches mainly of local interest.

One of those caused a bit of a stir as a number of the local collectors had not seen it before.

Ellicot Chapter R1 Ceremonial Team

The owner of the blanket who donated it to the auction was not present, but those that knew him said he was active in the chapter. The embroidery and lettering were consistent with the style use by the patch company used by several of the other chapters in the lodge who all produced patches in the early to mid 1980’s.

The likely Blue Book Designation will be:
Ellicott R1 RED R LBL BLK – BLK 159, Ceremonial Team

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Western New York (Buffalo)TOR Report and discovery

Marty Abramson gave the following report on the Buffalo TOR from this past weekend.

Well, It is done for another year. We did OK, the attendance Saturday left some to be desired but we did have fun and I did hear that a few folks found something that they were looking for. The Auction did well and many real bargains were had by many. That Cub Scout spent a lot of his Dad’s money. And enjoyed the chance to outbid the big boy’s.

I guess the news of the weekend was a patch on the blanket. At least 5 different members of Lodge me included were surprised to see a previously unknown Chapter issue from our Ellicott Chapter. So for you NY Collectors “once again into the breach.” I have sent a photo of the patch to John Pannell to add to the site. BTW the Blanket was the high bid item on the auction and I think it will get parted out.

I was in attendance myself and can attest that the boys from Western NY put on a nice TOR. Would have like a bit more attendance, but I found a few needs made a few discoveries (which you’ll be seeing in upcoming posts) and renewed acquaintances and got a bargain in the auction (but the blanket was too rich for me).

My thanks to the Frietags, Marty, Dave Z, Harry, Don Izard and anyone I’ve missed for making this Southern New Yorker welcome as usual.

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