1959 Area 2A Conclave Question

question-mark.jpg Around 1958 Area 2A and 2J were preparing to split. Area 2J held at least one conclave/meeting in 1957. But, it apparently did not formerly organize and/or hold another conclave on its own until some time in the early 1960’s.

There was an Area 2A Conclave in 1959. I’m not sure where it was held or what lodges (officially) were in attendance, or who was the host lodge?

Area 2A Conclave Slide 1959

The slide would lead me to think it was at Camp Nooteeming and 443 the host.

However the slide could also be a lodge contingent piece since the design is different than the neckerchief nor does it mention the conclave theme .

I understand that there was a patch and a neckerchief issued. I have the neckerchief pictured below, and also a slide which is a different design than the neckerchief.

Area 2A 1959 Neckerchief

Can you provide any information or clarifications?

Update: Nov. 7, 2009

There was also a pocket patch issued for the event.

Area 2-A 1959 Pocket Patch
Area 2-A 1959 Pocket Patch

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3 thoughts on “1959 Area 2A Conclave Question

  1. I was speaking with the scouter in charge of the 1959 section 2A conference held at Camp Nooteeming. Lodge 443 was the host. Munsi 444, Midi 15, Skanondo 64 and the Greater NY Council lodges were in attendance. The area had the patch and neckerchief made up. Nooteeming lodge had the neckerchief slide made up . The slide was a freebee to all who attended.
    The conference budget had over $1000 set aside for the neckerchief and the patch. Not sure if it was included in the fee for the attenders.

    If more information is needed, please contact me thru Bill.

  2. In 1956 Area 2-J was organized on a experimental basis. In November, 1957 the five GNYC lodges as well as Chappegat 15, Tahawus 32? (doubtful, merged by 1956), Hanigus 47, Shinnecock 360, Buckskin 412 met at Camp Ranachqua, TMR. This appeared to be a one-time event or planning meeting, as the area was formed two years later.

    In 1959 Area 2-J was officially formed to include the five GNYC lodges. As the first official conference wasn’t until 1960, they continued to attend 2-A events.

    Reference: Dr. Gene Berman

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