Kamargo Lodge #294 F1

question-mark.jpgI have previously posted several times on the Kamrgo Lodge #294 F1 first flap; here, here, and here.

There have always been some questions regarding it origins and provenance.

Bill Topkis had previously advised me that at least 5-6 copies existed of the half-moon shaped flap in national collections. Local collectors advised it didn’t exist with the circle of old time lodge members from that time.

John Pannell has the image pictured below on his OA Images site (and used with his permission here).

Kamargo Lodge #294 F1 first flap?

This flap appeared as described in Arapaho and in Al Rosenberger’s “The Order of the Arrow in New York State.” Enough questions have come up over time, that the following language “Possible prototype ” was added to the desription in the last Blue Book (6th Edition).

Ray gould who has been uncovering some previously unlisted issues from the old Area 2-G, has been researching this one as well. The person refered to below, has not given the authorization to use his name . Ray has advised me of the following:


XXX is former Lodge Chief for #294 (late 1950’s) and Area II-G Chief (circa 1959-1960 or 1961?). He has been an avid collector of #294 and II-G items (as you know). His perspective on the BB designation for the #294 is clear:

1. (Also F-1 was a prototype. We rejected the samples–around a half dozen–because they were not consistent!!! F-2 is really F-1, and I had it changed to F-3 because F-2 had a squirrel’s tail and not a chipmunk’s tail. Kamargo totem is the chipmunk. They — BlueBook — still hasn’t paid attention. I was the lodge chief and was responsible for the whole series…F-1 through F-3).

Well, the current Blue Book Edition, has at least paid some attention. Can anyone else provide any clarifications, further information or original sourcing.

Ray suggests:

I propose the #294 be doubly listed as the YF-1 (prototype) with the F-2 listed as the true FF.  I have seen the collection of 2 other lodge members active during this period and neither included the irregular “F-1”.  Each included the F-2’s.

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