What makes a patch an official issue?

John Pannell has an interesting post  on what makes a patch an official issue.

There are those of us who worry and debate over how patches should be classified.   In most cases this is very easy:  a 3″ round is an “R”; a chenille is a “C”.   Sometimes it’s a bit harder:  What makes a patch a “P” or “J”?     Is a triangular patch on a neckerchief an “X” or “P”?   Is a 5″ round patch an “R” or “J”?  How do you classify the very odd-shaped “flaps” issued by some lodges, that will likely never be worn on uniforms?

Beyond all this is one subject that can inflame passions more than all the rest:   What makes a patch an official issue?

It is an interesting read and currently has 10 comments as I write this.  He has examples of 8-10 patches some of which are currently listed in the Blue Book as lodges issues and some not.  It also includes the 95 ZA1 I recently wrote up on this site.