Blue Book Guidelines for Restrictions and Quantities Issued

Brandon Ellis left a comment on an earlier post regarding the Blue Book policy on printing information on quantities issued, restrictions and other matters. I’ve reproduced it below for those who don’t otherwise read the comments on older entries.

  1. Brandon Ellis Says:
    As an avid patch collector and trader, I have to ask… Why wouldn’t you want to include the restrictions as well as the run amount information in the Blue Book. It seems that the information would be very beneficial for a collector or trader trying to assess rarity/scarcity of a particular issue. And with lodges coming in and going out of existence, isn’t that information part of the history of that particular lodge that without documentation could become lost forever? Thanks for all you do for the Hobby!

    YIS,Brandon “Happy” Ellis
    Eagle Scout / Vigil Member
    Tsoiotsi Tsogalii Lodge 70

  2. And I replied…

  3. nyoatrader Says:
    Brandon, Of course the short answer is that when the initial Blue Book policies were being made, there was a decision of the National Editors not to include that information when they set up the guidelines.The longer answer and no offense meant to John Tegtmeier, but who do you believe? Unless I order the patch myself or have a copy of the invoice, I can’t confirm if the information is true.Nor can I confirm that the information won’t change. If the issue John brought to our attention sells out in 1 week and the LEC votes to reorder, the lodge will reorder them and the information is no longer accurate and could be misleading.Then a printed quantity of 100 which would also have been accurate at the time and printed in the Blue Book is no longer accurate.

    Arapaho listed an F issue from Nischa Nitas Lodge #410 as only 100 issued. At one time, several years after the issue date, I had 4 in my possession. I never was in the lodge and it was located 250 miles away. I have probably seen another 10-15 over the years. It is not particularly uncommon. The information Arapaho received was either incorrect (perhaps deliberately) or the lodge reordered.

    I’ll likely continue to list information like I received for the 4S31, but it won’t make it into the Blue Book and will have a caution attached to it here.

    Thanks for the kind words.


Here’s the official guidelines from page 22 of the First Edition of the Blue Book copyright 1996.

Things that will not be found in the comments

Restrictions – some insignia are or have been restricted in terms of who they may be issued to and how many a person may get. This information changes in timeand sometimes changes for a particular issue. Much restriction information is untrue or unknown and can be misleading.

Number issued – sometimes it is known exactly how many of a certain patch or neckerchief were made. Many times this information is either inaccurate or unreliable. For most listings, this information is not known.


Ranachqua Lodge #4 Neckerchief N0.5 or N6

question-mark.jpgUpdated and Bumped:  The scan below is also from Ranachqua Lodge #4 from the Bronx, NY. The scan isn’t great, but you can see the basic design and color for the neckerchief. My original post showed it as the N0.5.  John Tegtmeier points out in the comments, that this is the N6 image from OA Images and on the Tracker Software.   John Pannell advised that he may have attached the image to the wrong issue but can not be sure. 

In either case it is one of my needs, so keep me in mind if you stumble across one.

More imporatantly though, which one is this?  Do two exist?

Ranachqua Lodge #4 Neckerchief N0.5

The descriptions for the No.5 and N6 are as follows:

N0.5 – – YEL BLK SSC; Large Owl with RED arrow
N6 – – YEL BLK SSC; large owl on log with arrow pointing NW; may exist on WHT & TAN also

The neckerchief fits both descriptions, and the description for the N6 is much more detailed.  The N0.5 was not one of my Blue Book adds. Does anyone have both neckerchiefs for comparison?  Or a yellow cloth neckerchief with a different design?