Half Moon Lodge #28 Trade-O-Ree June 9, 2007


Update – Ive just received word that this TOR has been postponed. 



Half Moon Lodge # 28 and Rip Van Winkle Council will be hosting their

1st Annual Trade-O-Ree on June 9, 2007.


Here are the particulars:

When: Saturday June 9, 2007  Postpned

Set Up: begins at 7:00AM

Hours: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Where: Kiwanais Ice Arena, Washington Avenue, Saugerties, NY

Cost: $25.00 per table

Entrance Fee: $2.00, Scouts in Uniform Free.


A flyer and directions can be found at: http://www.halfmoonlodge28.org/tradeoree07

While I wish them luck and may attend myself, two comments.

First, Tables – the table cost seems excessive for a first time TOR and their is no indication whether they are 6 foot or 8 foot tables. It is definitely very expensive for 6 foot tables.

Second and more importantly it conflicts with an established TOR held at Camp Woodlands near Syracuse, NY. While the Woodlands TOR is not on the ISCA TOR Calendar yet. The host lodge for the Woodlands TOR is in the same section as Half Moon.

While not many people from the southern part of the state attend a Central New York TOR, it certainly effects other areas (Albany for example) where they will now need to chosse between 2 TOR’s.