Jamboree 2010

National BSA has established a new website for the National Jamboree to be held during the 100th Anniversary year of the Boy Scouts of America. The best, most exciting, fun-filled, safest jamboree ever!”

The 2010 National Scout Jamboree vision statement is designed to provide clarity to goals of the jamboree. It forms a commitment to our Scouts, parents, and chartered organizations of what Scouts expect in a jamboree. This vision statement speaks to the heart of our Scouts and Scouters. It will capture their imagination.

If your planning to attend, you best start getting those reservations in.

The jamboree is being planned for 35,960 Boy Scouts and unit leaders, plus over 7,500 national, regional, and subcamp staff members. The plan calls for 899 provisional units, with 36 Boy Scouts* and four unit leaders in each unit Regions will allocate council quotas, subject to acceptance by the council This was completed during the spring of 2008.


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  1. John Pannell says:

    The Jamboree website link you give is restricted. An id and password is needed to access it.

  2. Bill Griesmyer says:


    I made the same observation. Maybe it isn’t ready for prime time players yet.

  3. nyoatrader says:

    John,The link worked when I wrote the post, the quotes were pulled from the text of the page. Maybe it was opened to the public prematurely? Will try to find another link.

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