Buckskin Lodge #412 2007-2008 Event issues

New Issue Brian Petrowski sends word of a set of event issues from Buckskin Lodge #412.

The fall and spring weekend segment will be given to brothers that attend the 2007 Fall Weekend and the 2008 Spring Weekend. The center triangle patch will be given as this years lodge banquet gift to all attendees and the 2008 Lodge Banquet segment will only be given to OA brothers in attendance at the banquet.

Buckskin Lodge #412 2007-2008 Event issues

Most of these items have not been issued yet, so the the numbering is ceratinly tentative:

eX2007-1 RED  R  RED – – GMY 2007 Fall Weekend
eX2008-1 BLK R  WHT RED  – BLK 2007-2008 RED Boy Scouts of America
eX2008-2 WHT R WHT – – GMY 2008 Lodge Banquet
eX2008-3 BLU R BLU – – GMY 2008 Spring Weekend

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