Nischa Nimat Lodge #181 eR1987 varieites

Discovery I recently acquired a couple of Nischa Nimat Lodge #181 eR1987’s on our favorite auction site. It seemed like a great deal, filled a need and gave me one to trade. When they arrived, and I took a closer look, I found an unlisted variety.

The Blue Book lists the issue as eR1987 RED R WHT RED WHT FDL; Spring into Scouting It does not mention the twill direction. The one pictured on OA Images and the top one in the scan below is TR (probably TRM), the one below it is TRS.

Nischa Nimat Lodge #181 eR1987a TRM and eR1987b TLS varieites

The updated listing should be:

eR1987a RED R WHT – WHT FDL: RED 1987, 181, WWW, Spring into Scouting TRM

eR1987b RED R WHT – WHT FDL; RED 1987, 181, WWW, Spring into Scouting TLS


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