Ona Yote Lodge #34 eR1999

UpdateChris Meacham provides some updated information on an event patch from Ona Yote Lodge #34.

I was browsing OAImages.com and noticed the eR1999 patch, it says “presumed 1999 camporee”. This is incorrect, the patch is from the council’s spring camporee in 2000 which was hosted by Ona Yote lodge.  Just thought I’d help with clarification.

My admittedly hazy memory is that I got mine at the Marcy TOR held in late January or early  February 2000.  I purchased mine form the Lodge table, although the person I got it from was hazy as to when the event was held.  It is certainly possible the lodge was taking the opportunity to sell a few before the event to help cover the cost.

The undated patch is pictured below.

 Ona Yote Lodge #34 eR1999


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  1. MK says:

    I designed that Patch when I was Lodge Chief

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