Area 2-A Neckerchief -1972?

Question Mark?Prior to 1973, what we know today as Sections were called Areas. The Area numbers corresponded to what were than Twelve Regions. New York was part of Region 2. In a previous post, I provided a checklist for the Areas which contained a New York OA Lodge.

Randy Holden, the NJ Blue Book Editor advises the neckerchief below is from 1972. It contains the totems from the lodges which comprised Area 2-A. Three of them were from New York; 15 Mide, 246 Horicon and 444 Munsi. The balance were from NJ.

Can anyone verify Randy’s dating of the neckerchief? Was it the the Conclave neckerchief for that year?

Area 2-A Neckerchief -1972?


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  1. Ray Gould says:

    I cannot verify date but similar neckerchief from Section 2-B (showing all lodge totems) was available in late 1980’s-1990. It was not a conclave neckerchief but specifically a Section neckerchief. That is, the 2-B neckerchief didn’t replace that year’s conclave neckerchief but was made in addition to (and sold over a period of roughly 2 years).
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