Kittan Lodge #364 ZS3 – Another Fake

Focus on FakesAnother Fake has surfaced for Kittan Lodge #364. This as the number indicates, is the third fake from this lodge that is less than a year old. Gavin Murdoch, one of the blog’s subscribers, contacted the council and he reports:

I just got off the phone with council and they verified that the only lodge “issue” is the green border. The red, white and black borders are… well… what ever you want to call non official issues. The borders are the only thing different and the main part of the flaps are the same. I guess that the seller is the company from China who produced the green border and they’re simply just changing the border for resale on Ebay.

Here is an image of the ZS3

Kittan Lodge #364 ZS3  - Another Fake

The Blue Book Stats for this one are:
ZS3 BLK R M/C RED DBL FDL; RED WWW Porcupine climbing Birch tree First Flap Fake of S1

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