Seneca Waterways TOR April 18, 2015 Acquisitions

Picked up a number of new issues and some needs at the inaugrual Seneca Waterways Council Trade-O-Ree in Rochester, NY last weekend.


The items on the right are not for trade and most will be featured in the blog over the next couple of weeks. The items on the left are dupelicates for me and are available for trade for my needs.

Here’s a closer look at some of the new issues.

None of these are available for trade or sale.

I did pick up some items which are available for trade for my needs or for Centennial flaps I need from non-NY Lodges.

Currently available for trade

Currently available for trade

The two Tschipey Achtu Jambo flaps on the upper left are the Glow in the dark versions and are the toughest of the three varieties produced for the 2013 National Jamboree.

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