Thread Heads Episode: Delegate Patch Debate – Pro or Con

Another Episode of Thread Heads by Jason Spangler and Brad England where they discuss OA delegate issues and whether they are good or bad for the hobby.

Thread Heads is back with a bit of a debate. How do delegate patches affect the hobby of Boy Scout memorabilia collecting.

After showing off some of the interesting patches the conversation turns to how does having ultra low production patches affect the hobby.
Brad shares the story of his home lodge Wisawanik #190 and how some flaps were issued that ran off potential collectors of the lodge. Jason shares a couple stories on how recently he has tired of chasing down delegate pieces and has put a cork in some of his collections.

I’m not a big fan of limited delegate patches, I think it can discourage collectors (incuding members of of the individual lodge) from collecting a lodges issues. With so many lodges issuing what can be extreme rarities do people stop collecting them at all? And if they do, what does that do to the lodge budget where they have come to rely on collectors to balance the books.

Have a listen to the debate and let me know what you think.

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