ArrowTour 2015

If you can’t make it to NOAC for the Centennial year, the Order of the Arrow has created a traveling experience to celebrate the OA Centennial in 2015, ArrowTour.

ArrowTour is one of many programs and initiatives that comprise a year-long celebration of the Order of the Arrow’s centennial anniversary. In the summer of 2015, four delegations of youth Arrowmen will travel to council camps and Scouting events to bring our national centennial experience to Scouts, Arrowmen, and communities throughout the country.

Here in the Northeast you can find the Schedule with a number of stops beginning on May 31, 2015 and extending until July 28, 2015

As you might expect, a number of patches were created for the event. Here is a sample of the basic patch.

ArrowTour 2015 Pocket Patch

ArrowTour 2015 Pocket Patch

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