State of the Hobby – Skanondo Lodge #64 First Flap

Skanondo Lodge #64 has one of the tougher first flaps from NYS (outside of the first tier FF 19,48, 546 and 547). Here is a recent example from eBay, the price is somwhat lower than may be expected, but it is a used sample.


Clicking on the image will bring you to the auction for the next few months.

Four unique bidders drove the price up to nearly $ 81.00 before the hammer came down.

How much do you think condition played in the final price?

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“When the tears were gone I washed my face and walked back to the store to finish my shopping. Because even when your heart is breaking you still need bread and Rice Krispies and orange juice.” ― R.J. Keller, Waiting For Spring

Author: Bill

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