Section NE-3A 1999 Conclave Issues

The 1999 Section NE-3A Conclave was hosted by Buckskin Lodge #412. The theme was Many fires – One Great Light.

There was a pocket patch (with a minor variation in the background color).

Section NE-3A 1999 Pocket Patches

There was also a Jacket Patch of the same design:

Section NE-3A 1999 Jacket Patch

One interesting note here, if the patch is displayed upside down, it is wolf-head shaped. I’ve been told by the host lodge that this design element was deliberate.

There was also a hat pin:

Section NE-3A 1999 Hat Pin

Last but not least, there were two issues from the host lodge which are listed under Lodge #412.

1999 NE-3A Host Lodges Issues

Thanks to Roy Weatherbee for the scans.



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