Kittan Lodge #364 2011 SummitCorps Vigil Set S18 X8

Ansell Alberga sent along a series of scans for Kittan Lodge’s 2011 SummitCorps issues. I had previously ‘saved’ one number for this issue when I wrote about there 2012 NOAC Fundraiser Set. However, Kittan issued not one but three flaps and a single chevron for the event which required me to renumber those NOAC issues.

The first flap and chevron is pictured below. The flap designs are identical, but for the Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil Arrows. This is the Vigil Version.

Kittan Lodge #364 2011 SummitCorps Vigil Set S18 X8

The stats for this set are:
S18 BLU R M/C M/C M/C FDL RED outlined Wht, Red Outlined White Lodge Name, WWW, SummitCorps Vigil w/X8
X8 BLU R M/C M/C WHT FDL; BLU outlined WHT Lodge Name WWW w/S16,17 or 18

This set is currently a need, anyone have one for sale or trade?

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