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Section NE-3A 2011 Conclave Issues

The 2011 Section NE-3A Conclave was held at Camp Gorton and hosted by TKaen DoD Lodge #30. The theme was Arrownautics. This was the last 2011 NYS OA Conclave in the current configuration before the realignment.

There were three four issues for the event, a pocket patch:

Section NE-3A 2011 Pocket Patch

a jacket patch of the same design:


Jennings honored by Boy Scouts of America

A bit of Good & Welfare for one of the regular readers of this blog, George Jennings.

Clicking on the image will bring you to the full article.

Congratulations, George!


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Amazon Announces Kindle Fire

Fire Good !!

Yesterday Amazon announced its entry into the tablet wars, the Kindle Fire

Clciking on the image will bring you to Amazon.

Anyone who would like to buy me a Kindle Fire, can send an email for delivery details 🙂

Or if enough of you buy one for yourselves, I’ll make enough in affialte fees (a small commission paid by Amazon for any purchases made after clicking on the link above) to get one myself!  Anything you buy from Amazon after clicking on one of the links (above or in the rights sidebar) earns me a bit of coin at no additional cost to yourself and helps cover the hosting costs for this site.

Please shop Amazon early and often this holiday season.



Shared Items From Around The Web – September 29, 2011


3rd Annual – Empire State Boy Scout Trade-O-Ree – October 8th 2011 – Verona NY

Ray Gould sends along the following message:

You are officially invited to join us for the 3rd Annual Empire State TOR (Verona, NY) on October 8th, 2011. With only 2 weeks to go, I’m excited to see what Boy Scout treasures will walk through the door!

*Admission is FREE to ALL.

8-foot Dealer Tables are $5.00 (YES…only five dollars). With space limited to 30 tables, we anticipate selling out quickly (if you’d like one, I’d be happy to try and squeeze you in).

* FREE Dealer Tables to Qualified Dealers (see details at bottom of this note).

* FREE “Trading Only” space is available to any collector (to encourage new collectors to join the fun!).

* FREE Table Space is available to Scout Councils, OA Lodges, and Scouting Museums to sell their Trading Post inventory.

* HISTORIC Scout Memorabilia Displays will be On-Site (contact me if you’d like to exhibit a collection…and I’ll make room).

Last year’s TOR saw a dramatic increase in attendance (by both collectors and dealers). Don’t miss out on a prime chance to add that missing piece to your collection (or swap stories with an old friend).

I look forward to seeing you there!

Should you have any questions, contact me as listed below…

Ray Gould
cell: (315) 778-9841

FREE DEALER TABLE PROMOTION: In the spirit of making this event even more successful, a FREE Dealer Table is available to anyone who brings 2 collectors with him/her (that’s right Dealers!…you get a FREE table for every two collectors you bring with you).
Just remember, bringing another dealer does not qualify. Who qualifies as a collector? Well…I’ll take your ‘Scouts Honor’ (essentially anyone with interest in our great hobby…they could be young Scouts…an old-time Scouting friend…your Scout Troop…let’s share our Scouting History with some new people!)

More details in my original post.

Hope to see you there.
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Kittan Lodge #364 2011 SummitCorps Brotherhood Set S17 X8

Ansell Alberga sent along a series of scans for Kittan Lodge’s 2011 SummitCorps issues. I had previously ‘saved’ a number for this issue when I wrote about there 2012 NOAC Fundraiser Set. However, Kittan issued three flaps and a single chevron for the event which required me to renumber those NOAC issues.

The second of three flaps and the chevron is pictured below. The flap designs are identical, but for the Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil Arrows. This is the Brotherhood Version.

Kittan Lodge #364 2011 SummitCorps Brotherhood Set S17 X8

The numbering for this set should be:
S17 BLU R M/C M/C M/C FDL RED outlined Wht, Red Outlined White Lodge Name, WWW, SummitCorps Brotherhood w/X8
X8 BLU R M/C M/C WHT FDL; BLU outlined WHT Lodge Name WWW w/S16,17 or 18

This is currently a need, anyone have them for sale or trade?


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Shared Items From Around The Web – September 26, 2011